Vacations get small business owners’ minds into high gear

Vacations get small business owners’ minds into high gear

Vacations are supposed to clear your minds, but they get my mind racing sometimes. I start thinking about new business opportunities, ways to grow Financial Advertising Review, The Business Word and Twins™ magazine and our e-commerce business. And I think about topics for this blog.

So here i sit in bed with my MacBook Pro on my lap writing notes to myself and blogs that I can post when I log on to the Blue Lake Ranch’s wireless network at breakfast. The gorgeous Blue Lake Ranch is a 16-unit bed and breakfast on about 200 acres in Hesperus, CO, which is about 17 miles west of Durango and 20 miles east of Mesa Verde. Dave Alford, the owner, who bought the property 32 years ago and opened the bed and breakfast 23 years ago, say he gets most of guests from the Internet. They search “Durango B&B,” he says. When I searchhed the term, the Blue Lake Ranch didn’t come up, but directories to B&Bs did.

This is paradise. Blue Lake Ranch is named after the nearby Blue Lake. I’m looking out the window at the Rocky mountains and the Ranch owner’s incredible flower gardens. Our building looks like a barn that has been converted to a home and has only two guest suites. Ours has two bedrooms and three beds with two baths and a full living room and open plan kitchen that opens to the living room. The dining room table seats at least six. The reading chairs and sofa are as comfy as those we have at home. A built in library is loaded with books but I don’t know if anyone stays here long enough to read one of them. We brought more than a half dozen recently purchased books, and I’ve bought a couple of more about the Ute Indians.

Time to go to breakfast in the ranch’s first class dining groom where we’ll partake of a gourmet breakfast buffet.

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