SEO: Search engine optimization; SEM: Search engine marketing

SEO: Search engine optimization; SEM: Search engine marketing

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing resources are linked in the third column of this blog under “advertising, marketing and PR.” They include links to sites maintained by authors of books on SEO, a SEO blog and a message board for SEO managers and technicians as well as marketers.

This is because every financial and bank advertising, marketing and public relations department and campaign should be using their web sites as major marketing, sales and PR tools.

Your SEO PLan is the web site maintained by the authors of the book I’m studying, Search Engine Optimization, an hour a day, by Jnnifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin. It’s a very good and sophisticated introduction the the roles of SEO in advertising, marketing and PR, and it includes strong chapters on playing the bureaucratic games to get search engine marketing done in large organizations as well as small ones. I highly recommend the book and will review it later.

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